NYC Based. Currently leading the Global Creative team at UltiMaker.

UltiMaker Design System
Full identity and design system development for UltiMaker. Applying a recently created brand identity across platforms
METHOD 3D Printer
The Method 3D printing platform is a series of 3D printers focused on expanding MakerBot’s market presence in the professional engineering market.
MakerBot Design System
Full design system and identity development for MakerBot Updating our flagship ecosystem focused on 3D printing in education .
UltiMaker S7 3D printer
The first major product release to be announced after MakerBot and Ultimaker merged, the S7 is poised to become our most successful launch up to date.
UltiMaker Rebrand
Spearheaded the global rebrand following the merger of MakerBot and Ultimaker.
MakerBot Sketch Large and Classroom
Replacing the successful Replicator+ 3D printer series Sketch and Sketch Large introduced a new education focused ecosystem for MakerBot printers and software.
Steelcase Workplace Advisor
Steelcase Workplace Advisor represented the first vision for smart and connected devices in the office space.
Smart Connected Brody
Lounge chair concept integrating heating, lighting and occupancy detection elements developed at Steelcase Inc.
MORPH Adaptive Sole
MORPH is an active sole which continually reshapes itself to the terrain’s characteristics and user's ergonomics.
Patents & Awards
I enjoy exploring new projects often. Robotics, parametric design and programming have been high on my list lately...
Experimental Extruder
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