The Brody WorkLounge creates a shelter from visual distractions, provides privacy and provides an enhanced sense of psychological security. 
The concept introduced a whole new feature sets for the platform including facilities connectivity and reservation, capacitive controls for audio and heating adjustment and asset utilization and tracking. 

I was invited to join the leading team behind Steelcase's Smart and Connected strategy. This team was tasked with creating a set of meaningful touchpoints where existing furniture products could be enhanced in order to create delightful digital features for the users. We developed elements ranging from integrated heating for our lounge chairs to 'invisible' screens on our privacy walls that would disappear when not interacted with. 
Our main goal was to create touchpoints that would magically appear and enhance the user's experience rather than simply adding digital touchscreens throughout the space. Ultimately all of this digital interactions were meant to appear and disappear as the users interacted with the space. 
Steelcase - Divisio Smart Screen

I collaborated on the concept for a Smart side screen that would later be integrated on Steelcase's Divisio platform. The concept allows the worker to control local reservation, look at sound and temperature levels and request for quiet zones on the open office plan.

Meshing several of this screens together would potentially allow facilities managers to better understand space utilization and demand.

Turnstone - My BIVI

I worked on the implementation of Mass Customization on Turnstone's BIVI platform. The concept includes changes in materiality and posture support for the platform as well as a 3D CAD library for 3D printing purposes through which users could edit and customized an array of platform compatible products. 

Additional Projects

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