METHOD was developed as the follow up platform meant to replace the Replicator + Series. METHOD is a dual extruder 3D Printer capable of printing in a multitude of materials and conditions. As part of the development several subsystems had to be integrated and connected across multiple user touch points.

As we approached the product launch several separate systems still needed to be coordinated in order to provide cohesive user experience. The hardware elements, onboard touchscreen UI and external operating software needed to be entirely mapped as a single unified entity. 
To achieve this, a cross functional team made up of product, hardware and software was established. We were tasked with mapping the entire product ecosystem and user flows across digital and physical platforms in order to develop what would become the first run experience for the user. This would eventually evolve into the overarching product - software architecture.
- Reviews, presentations and go to market with senior leadership within MakerBot
- Mapping first run experience and general user journeys for main printer systems
- Developed product concepts, and CAD modeling [SolidWorks, Rhinoceros + Grasshopper]
- User testing and application engineering
- Product renders and animations [Keyshot, Blender, AfterEffects]

Design Team: Vishnu Anantha, Andrew Askedall, Mark Palmer, Jackson Seidenberg, Yanqiong Zeng
Software:  Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, Keyshot, Figma
Status:  In Production
Context: Developed at MakerBot 
Visuals and renders

Additional Projects

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