Foro Ciel
Abstract: As part of a series of collaborative exercises with The Coca-Cola Company, Rojkind Arquitectos together with AGENT executed Foro Ciel, the recovery of an unused helipad as offices and co-working spaces. Foro Ciel is the archetype of positive transformation. Having an unused helipad as a starting point the project achieved transforming a single person / occasional use space into a co-working center, surrounded by green areas (including a self sustaining orchard) and an unbeatable city view. 
The site, reengineered with recycled materials and clean technologies, integrates a top park whose vegetation does not require irrigation from the grid since a rain water collecting and irrigation system provides water for the whole project.   
The furniture includes custom designed working tables which can be interchanged and rearranged providing the space with a flexible configuration. The overall space shape is reminiscent of Ciel’s “double droplet” logotype and a metaphorical representation of the dynamic space it holds.

Role: Project Manager
Developed project concepts and research, CAD modeling and overall planning, project management and construction planning, generated financial projections and budgeting, supervised construction process and execution. 
Status: Built
Context: Developed at AGENT in collaboration with Rojkind Arquitectos
Date: 2012
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
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