Sphera Charging Station
Abstract: Crowdsourcing electric cars for storing Denmark’s wind power electrical surplus. Denmark generates close to 35% of it’s electrical energy from wind power. However, wind power is highly variable throughout days and seasons, this has led to an electrical surplus during high winds which is generally wasted or lost to prevent grid failures. A system for storing peak production surplus was required by Copenhagen City Hall. The proposal was to find an electric storage system big enough to deal the grid’s with peaks and lows. The solution was found in crowdsourcing electric cars’ batteries.
Rather than having single large facilities, the expenses could be distributed among a large fleet of electric cars which provided also city transport. A proposal for an automated system which could plug into the cars while being parked was developed in collaboration with SIEMENS.
Role: Team Leader
Sketching, concept development, CAD modeling (SolidWorks), prototyping and rendering
Status: Concept
Context: In collaboration with Zuzana Trizujakova and Ruta Vaicaityte
Date: 2009
Client: SIEMENS Denmark
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