MABE Rehilete Kitchen
Abstract: Conceptual kitchen concept to showcase MABE’s new product lines. Rehilete is Spanish for PinWheel. The Rehilete kitchen intends to understand and recreate a closed loop cycle at the kitchen. The kitchen was composed of 4 station or wings, which have dedicated functions as part of the kitchen’s usage cycle: compost/harvest, preparing, cooking and eating.
By having the cycle’s elements close together, the concept shortened the gap between food consumption, production and disposal which greatly reduced carbon emissions. The cycle includes 5 phases: 1) Growing and harvesting, 2) Preparing, 3) Cooking, 4)Eating, and 5) Reintegrating organic residuals to the compost bin which provided fertile ground for growing and harvesting closing the loop.

Role: Industrial Designer 
Developed Concepts, sketching and CAD modeling.e
Status: Prototype
Context: Developed at AGENT
Date: 2011
Client: MABE

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