MOVE ON Suitcases 
Abstract: MOVE-ON is a suitcase collection that addresses frequent traveler’s issues. “Modern nomads” seek more than a means of transporting their belongings from point A to B. MOVE-ON series intends to show how their primary tool can provide much more than storage space, without losing their practical value.
Three main concepts were developed:
SURFN. Combining the fun factor with a robust structure, the suitcase is transformed into a scooter which can also be used as an on demand kart for further luggage transport.
RIDN. This concept provides bespoke seating area for waiting and transfer periods, recognizing a long seen suitcase use.
STROLLN. Large bags need not to be a burden. They can easily be fitted with carrying space in order to substitute bulky strollers at airport facilities!
Role: Junior Designer
Sketching, CAD modeling (SolidWorks), and product visualization
Status: Concept
Context: Developed at AGENT
Date: 2010
 Push Project

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