MakerBot's visual identity had not been updated since the launch of our latest series of products. With this launch MakerBot's goal was to go after a more technical and professional market. The hardware was already reflecting this approach, but was not being echoed by the way the brand was messaged.

While the need for a brand update was clear, the existing brand values and weight meant we wanted to create an updated 'evolved' identity without breaking with our past. 
A new focus on the printed objects as the main driver for the style change helped crystalize the effort into something tangible. Much like with cameras or drones, the real product benefit is not the product itself but the output it generates (footage and photos). This new strategy has enabled to both update and reposition the brand in a way that reflects the evolution of our products.   

- Worked on concept development, strategy and senior leadership communication
- Implemented the final WordPress site from our original Figma boards along with our team of developers 
- Art direction for photography, video, rendering, guidelines as well as  web styles from concept and wireframes [figma] to final execution [WordPress, CSS, HTML]. 

Design Team: Vishnu Anantha, Andrew Askedall, Yanqiong Zeng
Software:  Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Figma
Status:  Ongoing 
Context: Developed at MakerBot 

Additional Projects

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