MakerBot had been limited by material availability for several years after then new Smart Extruder was introduced. This project focused on developing a new platform based on the original extruder architecture that would allow users to feed composite materials to their 3D Printers. 
As we planned on introducing new materials to our ecosystem we had to develop a custom solution that would enable users to operate the 3D Printers as open platforms. I worked with both the Product and Marketing teams developing the hardware and mapping the user journey to establish the best workflow for the user. 
One of they key challenges has been maintaining and communicating a growing list of materials and possible combinations for users to choose from. I have been responsible for leading the product launches and creating relevant user content to map compatibility, workflows and applications. 
- Developed product concepts, and CAD modeling [Rhinoceros + Grasshopper]
- User testing and application engineering
- Product renders and animations [Keyshot, Blender, AfterEffects]
- Lead the go to market coordinating the Product and Marketing teams

Design Team: Vishnu Anantha, Andrew Askedall, Yanqiong Zeng
Status: In Production
Context: Developed for MakerBot

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