Nike Flyknit Experience

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Product Launch Experience Booth in Mexico. AGENT designed a Product Trial Experience Booth in collaboration with agency LENOM PB. The booth was presented at the Nosotras Corremos Nike 10K Women Race on March 10th, 2013 in Mexico City, where the shoe was introduced to the market. As a fully immersive experience, women had the chance to try the shoes on a treadmill while screens showed videos with the product attributes. Following the brand vision and product image, the booth design was infused with the knit & rope themes. The Flyknit shoes are tightly suspended in the air with ropes to showcase their lightness and iconic design, at eye level.

NIKE Flyknit Booth
Abstract: As part of the NIKE Flyknit product launch in Mexico, AGENT designed a Product Experience Booth. Commissioned by NIKE and in collaboration with LENOMPB, the booth was presented at the “Nosotras Corremos” Nike 10k women race on march 2013, where  the shoe was introduced to the Mexican market.
Role: Designer
Concept development, CAD modeling, parametric optimization of the fabrication process and “knitting” proposal for the final element.
Developed at AGENT
NIKE México
Nike “Nosotras Corremos” 10k, Mexico 2013
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